Philly Drag Show Featuring the Winners of Drag Wars Cycle 8

Once upon a time, four drag queens entered a contest and won as the final four. Afterwards, they built a show around their talent as a team of entrepreneurs. These queens names are Zephyra Rivers, Onyx Ondyx, Pi, and Ron Binary; the winners of Philly Drag Wars Cycle 8 and a team of crazy, but humble and hardworking queens with a relationship that’s almost like family. I talked to the host of the show, Zephyra Rivers, who’s in the process of the next cabaret to their now monthly show, and here is what they had to say about each other.

“I got asked back in July or August to host my own show,” Zephyra says. Originally, the show wasn’t supposed to have strictly Onyx, Pi, and Ron in it. It was originally called “Transformation Tuesday” and then it was moved to a Wednesday and leaving it with that name wouldn’t work, of course, and when the three other queens came in, they decided on the ever so classy name “Four Stupid Sluts”. “It worked out really well the first time, so we just kept going with it … we were all in Drag Wars and we were the top four.”

The four all had a great relationship together in Drag Wars. “We continued to work together and bounce ideas off of each other. I consider us a collective because I wouldn’t be able to do it without them.” The four of them give each other feedback on how to be better performers while keeping individuality to their drag. Because of that, “collaborative” was the best work Zephyra could use to describe the four of them as a team.

“I really enjoy connecting with an audience, personally,” Zephyra says. The four all do it for different reasons and have different personalities when it comes to their drag. Onyx is considered the “freak of the group” in a good way, doing things like stapling objects to his body. Pi is very spontaneous with their drag in a way that mirrors horror. Ron is very politically driven than the rest of the group and Zephyra considers their drag “an enhancement of what they are when they aren’t in drag”. Zephyra Rivers is a lot more confident, direct, and sexually motivated than they are when they aren’t performing. “We’re all weirdos in different ways,” Zephyra states.

“We want to establish it first before we start moving it further,” Zephyra says. The four are fairly new and want to make a name for themselves, which shouldn’t be too much trouble for these four talented queens. They’re all fairly new and for new and up and coming show producers and drag performers, Zephyra tells them that they won’t make much money at the start and should really do it because it’s what they love. “For aspiring drag queens, I tell them to not give up because the first few years, there’s little to no reward unless you’re beyond talented, but as long as you don’t give up, then you’ll do fine and if you actually like it, just stick with it,” Zephyra concludes.


Photo courtesy of Christine Tran

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