This Valentine’s Day, Spend It Mingling!

Tired of spending Valentine’s Day alone? Well, I’m not. This year, I’m spending it in a classroom three miles away from my main campus. For those of you who aren’t busy though, drop your handmade cards and spend your Valentine’s night at The Urban Art Gallery for LoveConnection{IRL},  presented by Live24hrs and hosted by Nicole Phoenix.

“I wanted to create an atmosphere where everyone is excited about the idea of meeting new people,” says Phoenix. LoveConnection{IRL} is a way for fellow singles to get a chance to meet each other, chat, network, and more. Marketing Director and creator of Live24hrs Robbie Long, has invited the city’s most vibrant singles to enjoy this event. “Urban professionals, graduate students, and members of Philly’s most thriving organizations are filling up the guest list,” says Long!

The title LoveConnection{IRL} is derived from the classic 1980’s television program of the same name. Comedian Nicole Phoenix elaborates, “I decided that I would use my hosting skills to recreate a fun dating game that will be played during the mixer.” In preparation for the event, Nicole also showcased her production skills with a promotional sketch entitled “The Singles Mixer From Hell,” directed by Classic Reinvention.  The short sketch depicts caricatures of the typical characters that one might meet at a regular singles mixer.

LoveConnection{IRL} is special because it creates a space that hasn’t existed before.  There are plenty of events for singles,  but none that combine a modern art exhibition, with live music, and a hilarious game show twist,” says Long.



 Kiki Vodka is sponsoring a two hour open bar cocktail hour, while local chefs and food vendors will be serving food a la carte. Tickets can be purchased for $20 at

Nicole Phoenix and Live24HRS collaborated on this event to create an unparalleled Valentine’s Day experience for Philadelphia’s singles.  “I’m so excited to be celebrating Valentine’s Day… as the holiday for single folks.” Nicole concludes.


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