Plates and Palettes: Philly Edition

“A Taste of Artistry”

By Robbie Long

Plates and Palettes (March 30th 8:30pm at Open Space) is an artistic dining experience curated by one of Philadelphia’s most renowned private chefs Ricardo Newell also know as “The Gourmet Gent”. Originating in Newell’s hometown of Cleveland, Plates and Palettes showcases visual artists,  culinary artists, and musical performers inviting guest to enjoy a “full course” experience.

Taste the artistry of private chefs Linda Berry , Elijah Miligan , Kev McFly, Chefs Steek , and Rashaun Scudder. Indulge in flavor, as the band of culinary artists lights their flames, demonstrating cooking styles including Asian street food, New American fare, and French inspired cuisine.

In concert with the chefs are visual artists Terrell Maurice, Vessna Scheff, Serena Saunders, Jailina Evans, Jada Byrd, and Wendy Freeman. Be apart of a live art installation as these brilliant minds share their passions through mediums of textiles, installations, paint, and photography. Quench your thirst in the libation room with a craft cocktail and enjoy drink making demonstrations by mixologist Robbie Long. A complimentary wine tasting will also be provided courtesy of Cardinal Hollow Winery.

Satisfy your musical appetite with melodies from performing artistsTim Straughter, Sanovia, Vessa Scheff, and Jada Bean as they raise the vibes with drums, strings, and vocal notes.

Tickets can be purchase by clicking here. Admission includes food, wine tasting (while supplies last), and a complimentary cocktail.

Plates & Palettes pays homage to Women’s History Month and the women who have enlightened, served, and guided “The Gourmet Gent” in his artistic journey. In tribute, this edition of Plates and Palettes was curated to especially highlight female artist. Newell believes that “Behind every strong (hu)man, there is a strong woman”.

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