Dream Space Juneteenth Edition in Philadelphia

Juneteenth... Our Independence Day!

On Juneteenth ’23,  Live24HRS hosted Dream Space—an event embodying the essence of self-care, community empowerment, and Black joy. Dream Space served as a powerful reminder of Philadelphia’s vibrant Black culture and the magic that happens when we unite. 

The vision was clear: to unite our community beyond surface-level revelry; to inspire a future where freedom, celebration, and unity prevail;  to uplift Juneteenth as Our Independence Day.

The Experience: Amidst Dream Space’s transformative energy, gratitude and reverence filled the air. It was a manifestation of resilience—a space where self-care, community empowerment, and unapologetic Black joy converged. 

With wellness workshops led by local healers and practitioners Shaped by Lish LLC, Eyota Catori LLC, Hands On Healing, and 7God, the mind, body, and spirit were nurtured. 

The art curated by Walls For Justice, Merendi Styles, and Thinker Maker Society spoke volumes, showcasing joy, beauty, and  the enduring spirit of the Black community and our power to overcome any obstacle.

But it was also a day of unbridled celebration. The music curated by 6ix 8ight echoed throughout The Sculpture Courtyard, resonating as the rhythmic pulse of our liberation. It paid tribute to the diverse genres and anthems that have become the soundtrack to our journey- songs of dancing (Before I let Go, Beyonce) , unity (Swag Surf, F.L.Y.), and unyielding resilience ( I Just Wanna Rock, Lil Uzi). 

The Movement: Dream Space uplifted Juneteenth as Our Independence Day—a day where we reclaimed our narrative, power, and right to celebrate our heritage. It reminded us of our progress and ignited a fire within us all. I boldly invite you to claim Juneteenth as Our Independence Day with hopes that every year, we will continue to celebrate with resilience, unity, and Black joy.
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Written by Robbie Long @Rah.Be.Rob on Instagram

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